Why is RFID better than barcode?


Multiple tags can be
scanned together

Data Scanning


Bar codes can only be
read at a time

No line of
sight needed

Line of Sight

Requires visibility and correct orientation
of the barcode to be read.

Tag can be washed, bent &
hidden under display.


Cannot be read if damaged
or dirty and greasy

RFID Asset Tagging, Scanning, Audit and Search

The human error element is all but eliminated by allowing machine to machine communication and decision making.
Whatever your application we have the RFID solution for you.

  • Physical counting; Item tracking; Inventory control
  • Ghost Assets Elimination; Loss Prevention Management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Paying taxes and insurance only on assets you own;
  • Serialized Data—Every item has its own unique ID
  • Reduced Human intervention—Data is captured automatically , less errors
  • Real time information Flow—As soon as something changes the information is updated
  • Increased item Security—Lets you know where your inventory is at all times

IN need for a custom
supply solution?

We have a wide range of materials and adhesives. Our product experts will help provide the
proper solution to meet your unique label or tag requirements.